The Post About Our Wedding

Once again, this prodigal blogger returns. What easier way to jump back into the mix than to mention that l’il thing called a wedding. Here goes!

I managed to pick up both my fancy and my comfy pairs of wedding shoes from Payless for about $35. (Hurray coupon!) I also managed to only trip a handful of times while wearing those serious heels. I also took every opportunity to take them off and switch into the flats.

Group hugs all day. (Best bridesmaids ever.)

For real, best group. Ever. (Not to mention the super set of friends and family that made everything go smoothly behind the scenes.)

Way better than those pesky groomsmen. (3/4s of which disappeared 15 minutes before dinner and the toasts…)

My greatest wedding day regret is that I didn’t eat more. So much good food. Amazing cupcakes. Popcorn. And I barely had any of it. Curse you, body, for not being hungrier.

Overall, I could not have imagined a better wedding day. I married this pretty cool dude. The weather was oddly nice for an Iowan July day. There were a few hiccups in the plan throughout the day (I choose to blame the guys 100% for said hiccups) but someone tended to find a way to resolve any issues that came up.

And if this scant preview of photos wasn’t enough, you can see even more here on imgur: Go forth and enjoy. And if that’s not enough, too bad. The other 600+ photos are all mine (mwahaha). And if it weren’t already evident, John Allen Photography is superb and a delight to work with and great at what he does and you should hire him. (Just look at that classy water mark.)


Your thoughts?

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