Vesterheim Week 1: Success!

My nice lil car.

I see so many colorful birds out here.

After a week break (during which time I bought a car!), I left home for Decorah to begin my summer internship with the Vesterheim, a Norwegian-American museum. I am staying with a very nice retired couple and their three cats a ways out of town. It’s a nice house and I’m happy they’re kind enough to offer it to us interns. I am very jealous of their cupboards full of pottery and their two patios.

What I aspire to cabinet-wise.

Their three cats are veritable punks. The smallest, Sixpaws, tends to just meow at me and she deigns to let me pet her when I read on her bench.

Slumbering kitty.

The only way I could get a still photo of her.

Snowboots is the fluffiest and most fickle. He loved me my first day here and now skirts away from in with fear unless I’m opening the refrigerator. The last is Gandalf who is not very bright and is persistent in claiming the center of my bed each night. His constant expulsion from this place may be taking a negative toll on his regard of me. My week with them so far has reaffirmed my desire to have a dog.


Gandalf finally sat still for a photo which is when Snowboots came in for the attack.

Gandalf finally sat still for a photo which is when Snowboots came in for the attack.

The internship itself has gone swimmingly. I work about 35 hours a week, 7/day with an hour break for lunch. Honestly, it barely feels like work. On any given day, I alternate between doing stuff for their folk art contest, photographing textile items for their database, and even some actual exhibition work. I got to help with organizing the objects and panels for an small exhibition that went up this week. It was fun and I even got a compliment on my arrangement of objects on one pedestal. Nothing huge, but it is a nice affirmation that I’m not absolutely terrible at this museum work thing.

Next week will be a different experience living-wise because this week I enjoyed Max’s company (this was his finals week). Tomorrow, he’ll be leaving and I’ll have to find my own entertainment. I don’t think that’ll be too hard. For as small a town as it is, there are plenty of things to do. My athletic goal for the summer is to work up to a regular weekly mileage of about 25 miles and overall to work up to a long run of 16 miles. I may also take an arts class or something. I’ll most definitely continue learning more about Norwegian arts, crafts and culture. Plenty of new things to blog about on the horizon for this summer.


Your thoughts?

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