Resuming Postage

Admittedly, I have been a terrible blogger. Not for lack of something news to talk about. Those have been aplenty. It’s been for a lack of motivation. Job applications and cover letters are pretty tiring. But that’s the past! (At least for a while!) So I’m going to jump back in the blogging waters with this annotated list of new things I’ve been up to!

In no particular order (save maybe how the photos came off my camera)

1. Put together a pretty decent exhibition layout.

At the historical society, there was a big case in the back of the back room with all these little models of historic buildings with one lonely print-out sign with a biography of the model maker. I was put to the task of changing that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, I know it isn’t perfect and I know the majority of people do not read the texts I carefully put together. It was, however, a really great learning experience and I can say for a fact that I saw two whole people actually reading the stuff. All was not for naught.

2. Saw horrors unknown in the deep belly of the historical society.

Now that I am thinking of it, I don’t know if “in the deep belly” is actually a phrase. My first impulse was “deep in the bowels” but that also seem inaccurate… In any case, this is the terror I came across in the fourth and final room of the basement:

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Yeah, they don’t look that scary now. When the room was dark and I was just looking for a place to drop off the body, that guy was a lot scarier to lock eyes with.

3. Textiles are fun!

I presented to a local group on the historical society’s textile collection and care of that collection. It was fun to poke around through the collection and do research on the conservation side of history.

Historic clothes

This is how I came about becoming the person to make this presentation:

Supervisor: Remember when you were telling me you didn’t know anything about textiles?
Me: Yes?
Supervisor: Well, do you want to do a presentation on them in a month?

Again, this was a good learning experience and having that tangible experience in textiles actually helped me land my internship for the summer.

4. I got that finisher’s medal.

A week before my half-marathon, I got sick. Woke up a fine Tuesday morn to a pounding headache and overall misery. Even worse, I could get around to feel fine when I didn’t move, but as soon as I stood up and tried to even walk, the vile headache returned. By Saturday, I was in better sorts but running was terrible and I only did a half mile before calling it for the day.

Two whole medals!

So race day came, I had reassessed my goals. Goal 1 was always to finish so I kept that. Goal 2 had been to beat my record of 1:59:59. That wasn’t happening so I changed it to finishing within 3 hours. At a time of 2:45-something-ish, missions accomplished. It was really chilly and there was a mile stretch where we literally ran into hail, but overall, a great course and a good race atmosphere (and I got TWO chapsticks in my swag bag).

5. Made a salmon fillet for the first time.

December time, our fourth roommate left us and my new least favorite roommate ever moved in. I did not like him. I believe I wrote Max a bullet-ed list of reasons why not, but that is not for this blog. He did have his high points though and chief among them was that he owned a cast-iron skillet. I used this thing so many times. I loved it. I hope somebody gets me one as a wedding gift because I went out of my way to find ways to use my roommates.

This lovely salmon was my post-race treat. It was great. I used this recipe from Cooks Illustrated along with this glaze from Martha Stewart. I finished it off with a recipe for steamed broccoli from Simply Recipes (yeah, I didn’t know how to just steam vegetables but turns out it’s really easy).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would make salmon again. Many times.

6. Went on an adventure, physically and tastefully.

On my last Monday before I left town for good, I went on a mini-adventure through the trails because I will miss them most. I caught this lil guy in action.

Go, turtle, go!

And I took a mini-picnic with me. It had been a while since I had canned oysters (since I was little) so I decided to see if I still like them.

A can of tiny brains.

They may have looked like tiny little brains but they were tasty and I would eat them again. One can was just a bit too much for myself though.

Phew. That took a while. I should not take another break from blogging.


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