My Kind of Pan Cake

My recent adventure in pancakes did not turn out well. Today I had that urge to make something delicious again and after perusing my Facebook feed, I saw that a friend had pinned this recipe for an easy yellow cake. But alas! It made much more cake than I really wanted. Then it struck me that I could just make a half recipe since it was originally meant to make two layers.

I don’t have my usual process photos because, well, I was very intent on getting the cake done so I could eat it. Other than halving the recipe, I made a couple of alterations. First, I added cinnamon  because the cake looked boring as it was. Second thing, I cooked it in a cast-iron skillet because that’s the only round pan we have right now. I copied the preparatory steps that were in a cornbread recipe I recently followed: had the pan in the oven while it was pre-heating, then added about two tablespoons of butter into the pan which I spread around.

Cutting took too long

It is delicious. It tastes like a coffee cake.

And now I am enjoying my cake and watching The Fall. I don’t know how I feel about it so far. The little girl reminds me precisely of my niece and I’m worried this movie have an ending like  Pan’s Labyrinth. We’ll see. I may not be have the chutzpah to finish it, but I might also be too invested to stop. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

I watched the whole thing. For the most part, it made me sad. It was visually very striking and such and such so it had that going for it. I don’t know still where I stand with it.


Your thoughts?

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