Adventure: International Market and Fava Beans

I live a stone’s throw from a Fareway grocery store. It’s nice but nothing really amazing. Just your average small-size grocery store. Imagine my excitement when an “International Market” opened up right across the street from it. They just had their grand opening this past Friday and I had to investigate.

Granted I could not read 85% of the things that were there, I thought it was a lovely little shop. (To my sister, they have the tea you and Dad drink.) Due to its small size and probably practicality, it’s mostly stocked with dry goods and frozen foods, no fresh produce. They had a lot of things I really love eating though (with options no less!). Many kinds of noodles and rice. Some interesting looking spices that Fareway doesn’t stock. Intriguing frozen meat options like quail (which I’ve solidly decided Max and I will make the next time he visits). There were also equally interesting canned foods like quail eggs.

I eventually decided on a small purchase of a pot of honey, a bag of pita, a can of chick peas, and a can of “Fava beans” for adventure’s’ sake. I had the beans for dinner yesterday. In large part, I chose them because they had really friendly writing that told me plain and simply: you can eat this.

Friendly English DirectionsWhen I put it into the pot to heat, I was concerned. It did not look quite as appealing as can advertised.

Fear in a Pot

But I carried on and garnished it with parsley just like the can told me and heated up some pita to go with it. This made it look significantly better.

A Fine MealNow to the eating. I was still on edge about it at first bite but they actually weren’t bad. They were even pretty good with a drizzle of lemon, olive oil and salt. Will I buy a can of Fava beans again? Maybe. They’re a nice easy meal (bonus points for being able to eat it mostly with my hands). I will definitely not avoid it the way I avoid the cans of beans that are a staple of my roommates’ diets.

Bonus: my first week of half-marathon training has been going really well. I’m heading off to my first long run in a little bit here. It’s 30 degrees and only feels 20!

Winter Running à la Invisible Man or Sub-Zero


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