1/2 Marathon Training!

Yesterday, I went on the first run of my training for this 1/2 marathon in April. It was a balmy 10 degrees clocking in at -10 with wind chill. I have come to admit that yes. I am one of those people, the ones you drive by in your cozy car and say: “Look at this crazy person. Don’t you know it’s cold out, crazy person?”

Nevertheless, I really enjoy being one of those crazy people and my second run today was significantly warmer 25 degrees. Thankfully I live with people who help me realize I’m not that crazy by comparison. Two of my roommates (bless their little macho hearts) often talk about how terrible it is to run outside (one in particular spends more time complaining than actually running). When I mentioned that I had gone out for four-ish mile runs both today and yesterday, they were impressed but also posed this curious question. Roommate A: “So do you wear gloves?”

The Winter Runner Deconstructed

Absolutely 100% I wear gloves! I had no idea why you wouldn’t wear them until Roommate A explained: “But if I wear gloves, I can’t change songs on my iPod.”

I thought my amazement with them had hit its peak until Roommate B pipped in: “Yeah, it sucks. I got a little frostbite one of the last times.”

Amazement! But it did not stop there. No. Roommate A’s response: “Yeah, I got frostbite too.”

As someone who tends to brave the cold outdoors dressed up as H. G. Well’s Invisible Man, I am dumbfounded by these guys. Safety and common sense are anyone’s best friend in extreme conditions. I don’t run when it’s icy, don’t wear headphones when it’s dark, wear appropriate layers for the cold, and wear gloves. It’s also why I always approach leashless dogs hanging out in driveways slowly and take a moment to make friends (but really that’s just common courtesy; I met a very sweet German Pointer today).

Now let’s see how my training plan survives this impending snow storm…


Your thoughts?

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