Pancake Muffins

Last post, I sadly made pancakes. In my delirium while making these pancakes, I assumed that 4 servings might mean 4 pancakes. I realize now that that was a serious misstep. I had made three pancakes, didn’t want anymore, and still had most of the batter left. So I went to the internet for help! My first source was worthless, a forum post on which someone had posted my exact question. 95% of the answers were along the lines of: “Pft. I never ever have leftover batter. Pancakes are swell!” Grr. Good for you, pancake-lovers!

Pancake Batter is Go

My second venture led me to WikiHow. They successfully answered my questions. Turned out I could do a plethora of things with this offending batter. I decided on muffins because muffins are lovely. I added a handful of flour to the batter and filled the pan to the brim with it. Then into the oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. At about the 7 minute mark, I checked in on them and they seemed to be shaping up but looked like they’d be on the flat side. Jump to the end of 15 minutes, these muffins were giant golden mountain peaks!  A toothpick came out a little gooey then so I let them stay in there for about 4 more minutes.

Pancake Muffin!

After cooling, the muffins lost a bit of their impressive height. They came out of the pan relatively well. I really enjoyed them. They oddly still taste like pancakes but their crispiness manages to overcome that.

Better than Pancakes


Your thoughts?

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