Cornmeal Pancakes

Ready to Mix

I admit it. I don’t like pancakes. I’m not even a huge fan of their French counterpart, crepes. Whenever I have crepes or pancakes, I can only think of them as lackluster waffles. A good waffle is a marvelous thing: toasty, warm, delicious. Given the option between a waffle and a pancake or pancake-like thing, I will always go for a waffle.


Sadly, I don’t have a waffle iron but was  feeling like something of that variety, so I made pancakes. Cornmeal Pancakes because I still have that bag of cornmeal taking up space of my shelves.


This is my first time making pancakes. They’re a bit stressful. Flipping is involved, not to mention flipping at just the right moment. I made pancakes first yesterday night as a late-night snack and this morning for breakfast. The first time I added too much butter to the pan but this morning I think I added too little. No matter how diligent I tried to be, my most golden pancake still had burnt spots. The perfect pancake is a mystery to me.

Pancake: It's No Waffle.

Now to the taste. I honestly couldn’t tell a difference from normal pancakes and these cornmeal pancakes. The taste was just fine, much better with a serious stack of strawberries. There was just one huge problem with them. I wished that they were waffles.


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