I’ve never done a movie review here and this won’t be very movie review-y. It’s more a few of my thoughts on the film. Thanks to the good graces of the public library, I finally saw Frankenweenie, the new version. I have vague memories of watching the old version half hour or so Frankenweenie when I was young (recorded from TV onto VHS I’m pretty sure). I really liked it then. When I saw that Burton was re-making it, I was on the fence about it because I’m not always into everything that Mr. Tim Burton does.

Overall, I thought it was a very cute mishmash of all the Frankenstein genre that managed to work in some more serious issues (some more subtly than others). The speech the science professors deals the rallied parents of students is a bit heavy-handed, though brings up some issues in schools today (like the importance of science!).

There’s the ever difficult death issue which becomes tied in with the question of right and wrong. When pets are brought back for selfish reasons, they turn into evil demon-like creatures (they had to pop up somewhere in a Tim Burton film). This was where the film took its farther stretch, just a little too far.

Nevertheless, all turns out well in the end. Sparky is even brought back to life again.

And yet… I was dissatisfied that it had such a happy ending. Maybe I’ve watched one too many foreign films, but when the young Victor has learned to be content with keeping the memory of his dead dog in his heart, I want that to be the end. We leave, teary-eyed, reminded of the bitter-truth of the world: one day you lose things you love. Of course, this is Disney and that doesn’t happen.

Who can resist the undead antics of a bull terrier?

Your thoughts?

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