Yes. I know the oven is smoking.

Wax paper is not parchment paper. It does not like to go into the oven and typically results in a smoky oven. This is not the first time I have made this mistake and it probably won’t be the last. I just always forget I need parchment paper until the moment I need it and going out to buy it simply isn’t an option (because well. I don’t want to). So I just use the wax paper and test the sensitivity of our fire alarms (they have a pretty high tolerance. I have yet to set them off, which is both surprising and concerning). No worries though. My cornmeal cookies were still awesome.

Yes. Cornmeal cookies.

I had a serious yen for cookies today after working out today. A Google search for “quick cookies” brought me to a whole slideshow of quick cookie recipes from Ms. Martha Stewart. I’ve had some corn meal lying around for a while so this was an opportune recipe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cornmeal was actually about the only ingredient I had. I “borrowed” from my roommates a bit (with clear intentions of returning them in cookie form).  Other than the wax paper snafu, I only had two other technical difficulties. First the timer was finished by the time I finally read the part of the recipe that said to rotate the cookies halfway through cook time. This only made about half of them have slightly burnt bottoms. Second, we don’t have a wire rack. Luckily, the internet helped me make a make-shift wire rack with part of a roaster pan thing I found and some more wax paper.

"Let cool completely." Please, recipe.

“Let cool completely.” Please, recipe.

They are delicious. They’re probably not everyone’s cookie, but I personally like them a lot. At first bite, you think they’re your average sugar and then bam! The cornbread grittiness hits you (in a good way). I think of them as hearty sugar cookies.


Your thoughts?

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