Cooking Like It’s Summertime

Parsley, Green Onions, Roasted Red Peppers

I want it to be summer so much. A week or so ago, Max and I made chicken and dumplings and it was a great, hearty winter dish that warmed me to the core with all its deliciousness. Those leftovers are finally over (note to self: make half recipe next time) and this week I wanted something a little brighter, more colorful, more summer-ful.

While my family never makes pasta salads, they always remind me of summer because there’s a pasta salad making a guest appearance at a potluck picnic or banquet. So I made this “Mom’s Macaroni Salad” recipe from Simply Recipes (yesterday I made these tuna patties and while I was very skeptical of them, they were amazingly good).


I made this same recipe a couple days ago and since I still had all the ingredients and was feeling lazy (it’s incredibly easy to make), I made it again today. But with a twist! I added all of the fresh thyme I had bought for chicken and dumplings into the pasta as it boiled. This not only made the pasta more tasty, it also filled the house with a  yummy thyme smell that made my roommates jealous.

Pasta Salad

When I made this the last time, I mixed the mayonnaise into the whole batch which was fine that night. However, when I had the salad for lunch the next day, the pasta had absorbed all the moisture so it was not quite the same. This round I just mixed the mayonnaise into my serving. Very successful. Will make again.


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