InDesign, how do I love thee?

I recently installed InDesign onto my laptop and have since been trying to learn every fancy feature on it. I love it.

Let me count the ways.

1. Helping me rock at my internship:

Before and After: ResidentsThis is the only before and after I have of something for the historical society. I’ve been doing a lot of this sort of thing lately. Researching, re-writing, re-designing. It’s fun and I’m happy they’re giving me such free rein to play around with all their printed materials. They have a lot of really interesting information already, I’m just dusting it off and making it a little more friendly to read. That residents flyer was 4 full pages of uninterrupted 12 pt. font. Eep.

2. Making fun stuff like the before and after shot above!

3. Designing all wedding stuff. InDesign has been great because:

A) I can design all the wedding stuff myself, making it a fun pet project that mostly boils down to me playing around in InDesign. (Haha, you thought I was really into this wedding stuff? You thought wrong!)

B) Making all my own stuff means I don’t have to pay extortionate prices for fancy programs and stuff (and I don’t have to spell out 2013 in a flourishy font!).

C) For most stuff if I run out of something, I can just print myself another one.

My latest designed thing (still in the works) where I learned more about clipping paths, effects and gradients:

Bridal Shower


Your thoughts?

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