Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bro(w)nies

This school year, I lived off-campus for the very first time with three guys. I have enjoyed living off-campus so much I’m a little sad I waited until my senior year to do so. Living with these guys has been interesting for sure and has given me more than a few good stories and many curious revelations about the opposite sex (for instance: if you know without a doubt that the month old milk will smell nasty, why must all three guys have to smell it?). While there are certainly times where living with guys drives me crazy, there’s one time a month (sometimes two) that I know I will be 100% happy to be a resident in this household: “Family” Dinners.


Two main reasons:

  1. The house gets cleaned and the dishes are finally done (and not by me).
  2. Copious amounts of bacon.

We’re having our January dinner tomorrow. One roommate is making the main course: mac & cheese topped with a pound of bacon. Our fridge is currently 50% full of dairy products. Second roommate: Snicker salad (a serious step up from his contribution for all Fall semester dinners: corn). Third roommate: mystery.

My contribution: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies (or Bronies for my roomy bros).

I love brownies. While I know it’s possible to go wrong with brownies (they do need eggs), it’s pretty hard to mess them up. I love cookie/brownie combinations and when I came across this recipe I knew it was the one for me. I’m not one to avoid raw cookie dough, but that this recipe has cookie dough minus eggs sealed the deal.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We do not have a 9 x 13 in. pan so I made due with a slightly smaller pan. This resulted in about 10 more minutes of cooking time, but they did cook (they’re probably drier than than they should be, but  I’m not up against a tough crowd so it’s okay). While the brownies were cooling, I decided it would be wise to put the not raw cookie dough in the fridge until the brownies were ready for it. Do not do this. By the time I got around to the combing step, that cookie dough was tough and I had to wait for it to thaw out before I could proceed.

Nevertheless, they are amazing. When I make them again, I’ll probably use my own tried and true brownie recipe, but it’s more a matter of personal preference there. I’m going to have to hide them from my roommates and myself so that we have some for dinner tomorrow…

Blatant disregard for waiting the hour to chill.

Blatant disregard for waiting the hour to chill.


Your thoughts?

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