Do not be alarmed: A potato is on fire.

I assume. There was a lot of smoke and a serious scorch mark on that dried-up little tuber.

I really am a good cook and I can follow recipes down to a T. It is when I decide I will write a post about a new recipe or try something different that I tend to end up with some less than stellar results. Tonight was such a night. I attempted to make Rachel Ray’s Stuffed Potatoes with Ham, Thyme and Gruyere with a side of her Balsamic Glazed Vegetables.  I ended up with Stuffed Potatoes with SpHam (and Kielbasa), Thyme Italian Seasoning and Gruyere Smoked Provolone with Balsamic Glazed Soaked Vegetables.

My ingredient variations: I had some leftover spam and kielbasa so I used it. A decision I do not regret. Fareway was out of fresh thyme so Italian seasoning had to suffice. They just plain didn’t have Gruyere (I didn’t really expect them to) so I bought some smoked provolone instead.

The Potatoes

Step one: microwave potatoes. Did this no problem. Set that pair of potatoes to 12 min just like Rachel Ray told me to and worked with the training DVD. No problem.

Side step: decide the potatoes are too small and that you could use another. Pop into microwave for 12 min and continue working on the rest of the meal.

Side step 2: decide that scrapping out the potato from the skins is too hard/impossible and convert recipe to fancy mashed potatoes.

3 min left on 2nd potato: pop the microwave open to see how it’s doing. There sure seems to be a lot of steam. And that steam really doesn’t smell good.

Final step: decide you have plenty of potato. Attempt to air out the kitchen.

The Vegetables

Step one: figure out how much 1 to 1 1/2 lbs of vegetables should be. (I’m wagering I guessed too little)

Step two: follow recipe to a T.

Step three: realize that the cauliflower looks a whole lot like zombie brains and that nothing about these vegetables could be defined as glaze-like.

Zombie Brains!

Step four: bravely sample the vegetables (because I made them and by God I will eat them). Realize they are not so bad. Almost good with a healthy dose of salt.

One Unattractive Dinner

Despite being unstuffed, the potatoes were actually pretty good. I’m still wary of those vegetables.

An Unattractive but relatively Tasty Dinner


Your thoughts?

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