Lost Keys

Last Wednesday, I lost my keys. Unlike the previous times I’ve lost keys, this time I lost them in the great outdoors and I didn’t have any spares easily available. Losing them meant potentially having to pay for the house to be re-locked and new keys be made for all 4 roommates. The past couple days I’ve been retracing my steps over and over, double-checking with the bus I rode, triple-checking all the places I had been. I even gave the police dept. a call and put a note up on Craigslist, but all with no results.

It’s curious how distressing it can be to lose such small things. Last night, I actually had a dream where I had a dream that I kept discovering my keys in my coat pocket. It was an oddly tactile dream. This morning, I decided to give walking back to my internship one last hurrah, hoping that the rain would have cleared away the snow in case that’s where they had fallen.

Two days later (this morning), I found them! Or should I say, some nice soul found them in their driveway or sidewalk and very kindly hung them up from a planter’s hook right by the sidewalk. I was so happy! I left them a little note to say thanks.


Your thoughts?

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