The Library: Workout

I have a library card! Since I currently have a lot more free time than I am used to having, I can actually check recreational stuff to amuse my mind. So I checked out: 1) The Everything Cast-iron Cookbook 2) Dutch Oven Cooking 3) Workout. One-on-one Training with Jackie.

I’ve flipped through the two cookbooks and the second one is a bit of a bust but The Everything has a few I really want to try. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I have, however, done this workout video twice now.




The video itself is pretty good. The terrible part is that I have almost no upper arm or core strength and so it’s a pretty tough hour for me. It is an hour filled with resentment. Resentment toward all the pep. Resentment toward the peppy music. Resentment toward peppy encouragement.

Despite, it’s still a good workout and I like it better than just going through a written out workout. It’s easier motivation-wise to just start the video and go.

Finally, I also put in an application to work at the library. It’s a part-time position and I really, really hope I get it.


Your thoughts?

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