“Special Fried Rice”

Rachel Ray

For Christmas, my best bud gave me this Rachel Ray cookbook. A long time ago, we mastered the Sesame Chicken salad in this book and now my task is to master (or at least make) other recipes from the book. Today, I decided to tackle her “Special Fried Rice” because I had most of the ingredients. (Is it uncouth to call it Chinese?)

I did not, however, have all the ingredients, so I had to be a little creative and bend the recipe a bit. I used fresh shredded carrots instead of those “available in pouches in produce sections” because why would I buy those when a 5lb bag of carrots are just a few bucks. Tsk, Rachel Ray. Tsk.  (Maybe she was just a few minutes shy on keeping the meal to 30 minutes and that was the time-saving solution?)

I also didn’t have fresh ginger root  red bell pepper, scallions, peas, or Tamari (a dark soy sauce). Now, that makes it sound like I didn’t have most of the ingredients. I suppose I should say, I had most of the important ingredients. In the case of ginger root and peas, there was no finagling to be done there. While I’m not entirely sure what scallions are, I figured my frozen “stir-fry” mix would fit the ticket for the red bell pepper and scallions. Lastly, I used the normal soy sauce I have.

My Bowl of Rice

It was good. I wished that I could be having it as the side to some tasty sesame chicken salad, but alas, I didn’t have any of that recipe’s ingredients. In the future, I’ll add less soy sauce and maybe have all of the ingredients.


Your thoughts?

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