Another List

Since I’ve been sporadic with my posting, I’m just going to do another list of new things. I will eventually get back on posting regularly.

  1. Foam rollers are fun! Max got me a foam roller for Christmas because I asked for it. It came with a nice little DVD with a core stretch video which I’ve done a few times now. It works.
  2. Running in the cold can be fun, but frozen snot is not. Through the help of a couple of gift cards to Dick’s Sporting Goods, I am now the proud owner of a nice pair of warm, water-resistant Under Armour sweats and hoodie. I consider being like all the cool running kids’ gear and getting a pair of running tights and a shiny reflective jacket thing, but the sweats and hoodie were so comfy and (I have tested this out) they are seamlessly multi-purpose! That’s right. They work just as well to go out and brave the cold as they do to stay in and hide from the cold while eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate and watching The Great Mouse Detective.
  3. Operation: January Fit/Flex/Mile. While I have nice warm running gear, I also care about not getting frost bite which is why my goal for January is just to work up my overall weekly mileage to the 20-25 mile range, supplemented with strength and flexibility work.
  4. Operation: Master Dutch Oven. My sister got me a dutch over for Christmas and I’m very excited to use it! I just haven’t found a recipe yet that’s good enough for its christening voyage.

That’s all for now.


Your thoughts?

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