DIY Coasters

Coaster set!

This Christmas was another exercise in crafty spending. Crafts are very nice to tight budgets, which is where today’s post comes in. I wanted to make my fiance’s sister something with a catchphrase on it. I had come across a tutorial to make these mugs with just ordinary mugs and Sharpie:

Apparently, if you write on porcelain in Sharpie and then bake it at 350 degrees for half an hour, magic happens and the Sharpie does not wear off. Well, I tried to find one nice white mug and that proved to be both difficult and when I did find some single mugs, they weren’t very nice and they weren’t budget-friendly. But then my sister and I came up with an alternative!


What You'll Need.

Ceramic tiles are about the same as ceramic mugs so why shouldn’t the Sharpie magic work with them too? Well, I have no idea if it will and only time will tell, but what I can say is that, in their current state, they look very nice. Each tile was 11 cents and I got a package of  12 x 12 in. cork board for about $6. I had Sharpies and a tube of silicone (which I used to glue the cork to the tile) already, so the gift came up to a grand total of less than $7 and I have more than enough cork board to re-do the project with some more tiles.


Your thoughts?

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