New things

I am finally able to get back to posting now that I have successfully graduated! New things have been piling up but I haven’t had to get around to posting, so here it is, in no semblance of any real order:

Research papers were successfully turned in. Finals were completed. I think I ended the semester liking Cassavetes more than Kubrick! What a twist.

I managed to graduate cum laude and they only pronounced my name a little wrong at the graduation ceremony.

I’ve started interning with the historical society doing acquisitions, which is time consuming and tedious but a superb skill to have and also oddly zen-like.

I’ve started researching used cars. This is somewhat stressful.

I have stuck with the running streak and am currently clocked in at 22 days with 30 miles. I  really need to get warm clothes though (the blizzard is coming!).

I saw The Hobbit and enjoyed it, even if they were kind of lazy with the soundtrack. Martin Freeman’s a good Bilbo Baggins. I also forgive them for making three movies of it.

That is all I can remember of the past week or so.


Your thoughts?

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