Running Streak & Round 2: Poached Eggs

Running Streak

A couple posts ago, I talked about RunningAHEAD and how it’s a great motivation to keep running for me. Since then, I’ve added on another(!) motivation. I have pledged to be a part of Runner’s World’s 2012 Holiday Running Streak. I’m a little late joining the program (it technically started Thanksgiving) but since I started I have been doing very well. The concept is simple: run at least one mile every day until New’s Years so that you don’t completely stop running. Yesterday I was most tempted to not run, but since it was only an amazing 50 degrees I went out into the night for a nice two mile run (pepper spray and glow stick in hand).



In other news

, this morning I tried to poach eggs again. Not in a soup this time but for breakfast. I still like them on toast but I liked them better in my soup. I think it might be because the eggs kept on cooking while in the soup and were a lot firmer. The wobbliness of these guys put me on edge. They tasted good, but I prefer a firmer egg. I’ll have to practice this some more. I lost a lot of egg white. I might need a larger pan.

Poached Egg


Your thoughts?

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