Poached Egg & Soup

Before today, I never had a poached egg. I didn’t even really sure what it meant for an egg to be poached, but I had leftover garlic-sherry-paprika soup from yesterday and the recipe I used suggested I try adding a poached egg into the mix. When I had the soup yesterday, it felt lacking. Like I was only half done with it. Like there should have had some vegetables or protein in it. And so, soup round two: poach an egg.

I searched around for some good how-to’s on poaching eggs. I finally went with Cooks Illustrated because they tend to fare me well. This is what I have understood poaching to be:

  1. Crack your egg into some small dish. Or: don’t crack it into your water.
  2. Bring water (in my case, soup) to a boil.
  3. Reduce to simmer.
  4. Whirl the water/soup a little to make a mini-whirl pool. I didn’t get this from Cook’s Illustrated, but I came across it somewhere.
  5. Slip (not drop) egg in!
  6. Remove from heat and cover
  7. Enjoy

There's a poached egg in there.

The soup is not exactly transparent, so you cannot see the beauty of my poached egg. I saw it when I took it out of the pot into the bowl (my nice new bowl from the UNI pottery sale that I love) and believe you me, it was pretty good. There were quite a few whites that separated away but I wasn’t really seeking perfection.

Now, the poached egg. I was nervous about how well I would like it, but as it turns out, I like it pretty well. I wish I had poached two. It was the perfect addition to the soup. I may not make the garlic-sherry soup again but I will certainly poach another egg. (Another method to add to my Culinary Expedition!)


Your thoughts?

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