Marmite and My Housemates: “I thought I was going to throw up”

Here’s a little bonus post for the day. I have a new purpose for my jar of Marmite that is entirely amusing: challenging people to try it. In this case, my roommates. I live with three guys and I have found that if you challenge them to do something gross they tend to accept.

Only two of them accepted this challenge today. At first sniffs, they were intrigued and pretty positive. I told them they should eat it on toast and that you’re not supposed to eat a lot of it at once, but being the manly men they are, they just took small spoonfuls of it. I wish I could’ve recorded their reactions. They were 10 times more visceral than mine.

Roommate 1 went first: UGHHH (spits out) that’s the worst. That’s so bad. Dude (Roommate 2) you have to try this. It’s disgusting.

Roommate 2: Really? It smells pretty good. (tastes it) Auguhug (spits out) THAT! That is why we revolted from the British. Did you get that to just prank us? Auguh. It’s so bad. Nobody really eats that.

This was incredibly amusing and I encourage anyone with a jar of Marmite and some handy American men nearby to do this.

As a side note: I don’t think it’s as bad as they chalked it up to be.


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