With temperatures below 30 (-1 C) and days getting dark at 5, my motivation to run has not been at its best. A year ago, this wasn’t a problem because I was in a marathon training class and so I had to keep running, but now it’s just me and I’m not a very strict self-coach. But running tends to keep me sane and it has all those nice benefits like keeping you in shape so I had to find a way to keep moving. I tried a new 6-week training plan but didn’t stick to it. I tried to start up a blog about running here on WordPress and that didn’t really work. Finally, I searched for “online running communities” on Google and that is where I found my salvation.

I found this very nice article that highlighted some of these kinds of websites out there. Each one has its pros and cons but when I explored RunningAhead I knew it was the right place for me.


Graphs. Glorious graphs. Charts galore! Organization as far the eye can see!

There are so many ways to see the information you put in (which apparently you can upload directly from fancy devices like these which inclined souls could get me for Christmas 😉 though warm running clothes would be far more practical). It keeps track of personal records, streaks, peaks, and more stuff I haven’t explored yet. (Also, it’s free!)

For me, this sort of statistical hub is the exact sort of motivation I need. One of my favorite episodes of the podcast 99% invisible is about the Feltron Report. There is something about distilling information about an individual person into a visual representation that is fascinating. It’s curious to see how you can be reduced and it’s this curiosity that will most likely keep me on this site.


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