Making the Caged Bird Sing

This week, I am home for Thanksgiving break. Tomorrow we will be eating an inordinate amount of turkey and goodness, but today, I will talk about a different kind of bird. This canary, the most recent addition to this household. So far as I know, it does not have a name. I niece proposed Oscar Tweet Tweet (an homage to our previous cockatiel Oscar) and Max suggested Tweet Georgia Brown. For now, I will continue to call him Grumpy Yellow Bird.

Oscar was pretty good about singing (even if not the best at deciding when was an appropriate time to sing). Give him a few whistles and he would go off on his cabaret. Not so much with this little guy. He gave me a few angry squawks when I tried to whistle with him and plenty more when my niece tried to imitate his squawks. Today, I tried to coax a song out of him through mighty use of YouTube.

He was unimpressed by the songs of his people. The comments on these videos of canary songs claimed bird owners played the songs and then like magic, their canaries sang. I’ve played a few songs for him now and while I get a few inquisitive angry chirps from him every now and again, he mostly sits on his perch, looking perplexed. It will take more time to make this bird sing…


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