Marmite and Me

Recently, a couple of the blogs I follow (Homemade with Mess and 5 Kinds of Rice) mentioned Marmite. I had never heard of this mysterious product before, so my quest for the weekend was to find it and try it. I managed to find it stashed away in the Health/Organic section of the Hy-Vee grocery store. I don’t know what this tiny bottle costs outside the US, but here it’s about $6.50. So from a financial stand point, I really wanted to like this stuff.

As my dad put it, this stuff “looks like an evil by-product from the Industrial era.”

My first impressions of Marmite: sludge. Smells kind of like bean paste. Does not really smell good. I’m wary of anything that directly tells you to not apply a lot (aka eat very little of this).

I tried it on toast with butter. The photos below are not from my very first bite of Marmite, but I found no matter how many times I re-tried this, my reaction did not change. I feel the photos speak for themselves.

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So now that I have it, what’s a good way to eat Marmite without tasting Marmite?


6 thoughts on “Marmite and Me

  1. lol.. laughing at your expression..
    it’s definitely an either love it or hate it thing..
    I have it in sandwiches with cheddar cheese, it’s divine..
    put a dollop in stews or casseroles, it beefs them up a bit.

    Google Marmite recipes for other ideas.

    For that size jar I’d pay about £2.70 which is about $4.30, so you’ve paid a bit more than we would.

    I’m not sure it’s one of those things you grow to like, but I’ve always liked it, so I don’t know, you’ll have to tell me how you get on..

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