Mystery, Magic, Music & Mawaige!

The past week or so has been a busy one. The end (of school) is near and there is so much to do! Here are a few  new things from my past week or so.

  1. No parrots on my shoulder. A while ago, Max noticed a mysterious lump on my left shoulder near my neck while giving me a shoulder rub. He’s been pestering me to get it checked out and I finally did. After being looked at by a nurse, a PA and a doctor, the ultimate verdict is that it’s a lipoma which they tell me is completely benign and there is no need to remove it. Good.
  2. Vinegar is magic. I tied a bag of it around our shower head which was all crusty with hard-water lime build-up. Very unattractive plus it made the water pressure weird. The vinegar did it’s job and in a matter of hours the build-up was gone. Inadvertently, I almost pranked my less than observant roommate. He almost showered himself with vinegar despite my advisory note right in the shower.
  3. Music to mine ears. Max had his senior composition recital a few weeks ago and finally got his recordings from it. This song is among my favorites (a friend wrote the poem for him).
  4. Mawaige is what brings us togethaa tooday. Speaking of Max, we are yet another step closer to getting married. We had our final meeting with our sponsor couple last weekend. They were very nice and I loved their kitty (even though she loved Max more). Plus (it being out last meeting) they fed us a delicious meal (there was cake!). We are now officially finished with pre-marriage requirements with the Catholic church.

Your thoughts?

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