The Cold Call

Inadvertently, I stumbled into an internship last summer through a cold call of sorts. I submitted a volunteer application online, the volunteer coordinator forwarded it to the curator, he met with me, and I got an internship. Walking into a cold call interview is a lot less intimidating when you realize that’s what you’re doing only after everything is said and done.

With graduation approaching (5 weeks!), I’ve been on the hunt for things to do this coming spring. I hadn’t been able to find anyone to sublease my place yet so I sought out local places I might be able to glean some experience in the museum field. I came across the historical society. Their webpage claimed that they took on one or two interns every semester and to call for more information.

Hence. The Cold Call.

Calling anyone I don’t know is always a bit stressful, more so when it’s for a job. To mentally prepare, I typed up a little spiel about why I’m great and why I’m interested in interning with them. While I missed the executive director the first few times I called, I finally managed to get in touch with her and made a pretty good pitch for myself.

I finally had an interview with her just a few days ago and I’m scheduled to start interning with them as soon as I graduate. Like my internship at the art museum last summer, I will be doing anything and everything, though it sounds like there will be quite a bit of archival work.

Now to find a part-time job.


Your thoughts?

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