Organization Tip: Sunglasses

Yes, you need a bow.

Just a quick little post today. There are two things in life I have an unconditional love for and those are: sunglasses and organization (sorry, Max). I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to store my sunglasses so that they are easily accessible but don’t run the risk of getting squashed, scratched, or any one sunglasses disaster. A while ago I saw a post somewhere that suggested hanging them up on a clothes hanger from a hook, but this was a problem because that creates a scale and when I took a pair off I had to redistribute the weight to balance it. So clothes hanger: no good.

I came up with this idea because I had an extra bow-string from my bow set. First, I tried hooking the string on the actual hook part but I didn’t like this because the string ran the risk of popping off with anything I were to hang. Solution:

Command hooks have two parts: the part you stick against the wall and the hook part you attach to that. Just slip your string into the slot where the hook part slides in and then put the parts together as usual. Voila! Your sunglasses now have their very own home safe from most forms of destruction.




Your thoughts?

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