Scramble to the Start!

I’ve never heard of this culinary myth before until I came across while trying to find a way to fancy up my scrambled eggs. Apparently, some would have it that the 100 folds in a chef’s toque (their fancy tall hats) represent the chef’s ability to cook an egg in a hundred different ways. Who knows if this is true? Do chefs nowadays even where toques anymore? Anyway…

I finally came across this easy spin on scrambled eggs. Just add corn.

Easy enough right? And if I learned anything from my last foray into jazzing up eggs, it is that it is best to be conservative in adding in extra ingredients… … ….. Ok. I didn’t learn and I added too much corn right from the git-go.

Nevertheless, it was really delicious. I topped it off with some tomatoes and feta cheese and it was superb. I will make this again, but I think it would be best to first scramble your eggs and then added heated corn to the mix. I had to microwave my eggs up a bit because the corn was still a bit cold (I used canned).

Now off to rehearse my presentation a few more times. Conference tomorrow!


Your thoughts?

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