For Love of Ghosts & Radio!

After both Snap Judgment and 99% Invisible told me to check out Love + Radio, I finally gave in. I’ve listen to maybe 5 or 6 episodes so far. They range anywhere from 8 minutes to almost an hour. I would best describe it as a mix between Snap Judgment and The Truth.

The first time I listened, I was thrown for a loop because I was just trying out a new set of headphones and the episode. Of course, I had chosen at random an episode that began with digitally scratchy voices and static noise. After brief period of confusion, I finally figured out that unlike many podcasts whose hosts prep you for the coming story, Love + Radio just throws you into the mix. This podcast is great rainy day listening. The Ghosts episode was either the first or second that I listened to. It’s a really great episode and perfect for Halloween. It had me consistently on the edge of my seat and got me hooked to the show. Enjoy.


Your thoughts?

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