Strength & Flexibility & A Few Other Things

Fall is a superb time for bike rides.

Since my 5k a couple weeks ago, I haven’t run very much and my body has not liked that one bit. My legs are not the worst complainers though. That would be my arms and shoulders and I admit it, they have a right to complain. I have no problem going out for a run or bike ride, but as soon I consider stretching or upper body strength, I can think of so many other things I’d like to do. So, with my body very unhappy with me, I’m finally committing to a consistent strength and flexibility regiments. There are so many sources online that it’s tough to choose, but for now I’m taking on this arms exercise routine and this yoga routine. I’ve only done this twice so far, but I really like the yoga video’s emphasis on back stretches.

Second order of business, I’ve decided to switch my updating schedule to three days a week, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Projects and things just keeping piling up.

Last order of business related to the first order of business, I really love this bit from Snap Judgment and since today’s post focuses on health which is inherently related to body-image, I’m justifying my taking this onto the post. Enjoy.


Your thoughts?

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