Bacon Caramel Brownies

First off, thanks to the blog ReturnToOz for this delicious food project. She posted about making these salted caramel bacon brownies using this recipe and they looked absolutely delicious and I had to try them. There were a lot of naysayers in the household saying it couldn’t be done (cough roommates cough fiance Max) but since the brownies are almost gone barely over two days after making them, I think they safely got over their qualms with the concept of bacon and chocolate.

Max was here to help out as my sous chef so he took on putting together the brownie batter and I was in command of the caramel. In honor of Max helping out with half the brownies, I’ll write the next half of the post in haiku (he only posts on Facebook in haiku for some reason).

caramel. first time.
sugar suddenly amber!
melted spoon again…
one sole request made
can we just add more bacon?
sadly, Max said no.
Something is missing.
Let’s top it off with some salt!
Wish we had ice cream.

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