Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie

Not the pot pie I made.

My fiancé claims I did not have fantastic success with this foray into baking because I only kind of followed the recipe and to that I say, yes, that is probably correct. In my defense, I will argue that the recipe was more of an inspiration than a guide. The basic idea of said recipe is that you can use canned biscuits to form the tasty crust of a chicken pot pie. I thought it was a superb idea because, you know, making and using an actual pie crust would be far too simple…

For the filling, I mixed together my leftover chicken from the last night with cream of chicken soup, potatoes, carrots, corn, and green beans. The filling was delicious by all accounts. When it came to filling my little 1-cup glass dishes, I realized that my buttermilk canned biscuits were too small to cover the inside. I ended up using one for the bottom, two for the sides and one on top. This seemed to work in the preparation stages but in the cooking stages, as you can see in the photos, the top biscuit cooked quicker than the insides.

Here is what I will do differently in the future:

  1. Butter/grease the dishes first.
  2. Stretch the biscuits out more (or use actual pie crust)
  3. Cook biscuits a bit before adding the filling (I was very concerned that the bottom biscuits weren’t cooked. While they were cooked, they were mushy.)
  4. Heat the filling up before adding it (I microwaved mine to make sure it was warm to its core)

Despite its faults, this was still a delicious attempt and I intend to try this again in the hopes of more successful results.


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