Green Onions!

A few weeks ago, my housemates and I had our first (and only so far) house dinner. It was delicious (but took until about 9:30 PM for everything to be ready). I made fried pickles (I only burnt the first batch) and green beans, one guy made chicken and twice-baked potatoes, and another made some corn (he doesn’t really cook). After all was said, done, eaten and enjoyed, we cleaned up the kitchen a bit and then we got around to these green onions.

Only the roots were leftover, but we all live on a budget so we didn’t want to throw them away if they could be used for something. Then I remember a blog post I’d seen a while back that said you could just pop those suckers into water and they would grow. So we tried and now a bit over a week later, the onions are making my bamboo plant feel insecure about its growth rate. Though, now that the green onions have regrown, I have no idea what to use them for. Any suggestions, internet?


One thought on “Green Onions!

  1. Ooooh spring onions are lovely in so many things. They are a lovely addition to a salad, or sprinkled over rice/stir fry dishes. My mum used to eat them whole (except the root!) dipped in salad cream :0)

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