Lime Green & a Cold Face

This brisk morning I ran in the 22nd annual Especially for You 5k Race. This was my first year running the race. I was pretty excited about it and so had a restless night’s sleep which didn’t help getting up before 7. Nevertheless, my mom and I arrived with ample time to park, get my packet, and find the start. If you’ve ever been a part of Relay for Life, you’d find the mood at this race very similar. A little background on EFY from a recent article:

Last year 15,793 people took part to support the EFY fund, which is used locally and provides breast care services such as mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies and support services for individuals in need. In 2011, 628 individuals received 889 services.

The race and the fund are dedicated to the memory of Sandy Knight, a Whittier resident and General Mills employee who died of breast cancer in July 1991. She helped organize Mercy’s Especially For You After Breast Cancer Support Group. Her dream was to establish a race to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and education.

100% of the race proceeds go to the fund. Pretty cool, yeah?

Now the race. There were a lot of people (1500+ !), so I shouldn’t have been surprised that the first leg of the race was an awkward traffic jam. The course eventually opened up but I was disappointed to reach the 1-mile mark with 10:30 on the clock. The course itself was very nice, not too hilly or winding. I don’t know how I placed since they weren’t doing chip-timing, but when I find out I will update the post.

While definitely not a race to go into with hopes of a personal record, a good race for a good cause, even if pretty chilly. (And I got a box of cereal in my swag bag. Thanks, General Mills).


My official time was 29:57 and I placed 458th overall and 58th in my division. I’m running another 5k in two weekends and am looking for a PR.


Your thoughts?

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