Thrift & Bacon

This morning I went on a quest. First, to get  batteries for my camera and some cash. Then! To check out a local thrift store 25 cent sale. Now, I’m a fan of thrift store shopping but sometimes there is simply nothing to be had. With that in mind, I made a deal with myself that if I couldn’t find anything I really liked at the thrift store then I would treat myself to a cupcake from the bakery just a block down. The thrift store was, in fact, a bust. I found some very cute boots that would have worked wonderfully for the Robin Hood costume I’m trying to put together, but as is often the case, they were size 5 1/2. Who are these tiny feet people and do they all have wonderful closets filled with decently priced footwear? Anyway, to the cupcake place I went…

Usually, this place is pretty packed with people coming in and out with boxes of deliciousness, but mid-day it’s a pretty calm place with flavors aplenty. As with Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s a personal goal of mine to try as many of their flavors as possible. A few weekends ago I had a Guinness cupcake and it was fantastic. Today, there was a cupcake for Oktoberfest but I’m not a huge fan of beer in general and this wasn’t chocolate like the Guinness cupcake so there was no incentive there.

Then I saw the intriguing Maple Bacon cupcake and made my choice. I’m eating it now with some hot chocolate and it is really perfect for this cold, grey October day. As weird as it seems at first, the cupcake reminds me of pancakes and bacon, a classic combination. I wish it had more bacon than maple, but overall, I am very happy with my choice.


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