A Better Omelette?

I’ve heard a lot of talk that adding milk to eggs makes them taste much better. Apparently a lot of people are enraged by overcooked scrambled eggs. I figured if milk made scrambled eggs better, then it should also make omelettes better. The results were interesting.

(I would like to commend myself for not making a single omelette pun throughout this post. You’re welcome.)

I arbitrarily decided on adding a 1/4 cup of milk to 2 eggs. When I got around to writing this post, I looked up an omelette recipe out of curiosity. This one advised 1 tablespoon of milk, just a quarter the amount I used.

The omelette was oddly flat when I began and then all of a sudden it started bubbling everywhere with a massive one right in the middle.

As the bubble kept growing, I threw cheese on it in hopes that it would work some magic. I usually like to flip my omelettes after I put cheese on so that it has a chance to get really crispy. Sadly, the milk added omelette was not strong enough for the task and flopped (or my pan was too small or I’m just not very good at flipping omelettes).

I did my best to patch it up and it looked a little bit like an omelette. The texture of it was what I could define at best as sort of soggy. Some might argue that it was moist but for me soggy is closer to home. It was odd.


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