Mes Petits Shoes

Last Wednesday, I decided the time had finally come for my dear running shoes to retire. I’d been putting if off because running shoes are expensive and I get emotionally attached to shoes, but after clocking in over 450 miles on these guys, they just aren’t what they used to be.

I knew I wanted shoes like the ones I already had because they’d done me well and I had absolutely no complaints. In an ideal world, I could just keep purchasing this shoe forever, but alas, commercial innovation is against me.

I went to first in my search. I scoured their Saucony neutral shoes and finally decided on the Kinvara 3. I’ve been so excited to get these that I was absolutely crushed when I opened the UPS box and hated them on sight. It got worse when I tried them on. Compared to my old shoes, which were chill guys along for the ride, these purple shoes were overbearing mothers, both coddling and stifling my feet. Hooray for free shipping and return policies!

Not wanted to put training off any longer (race in two weeks!), I went to the local running specialty store. The woman brought me three shoes similar to mine. These grey/black Sauconys fit nicely so I chose them (being 20% off also helped).

When I got home, I had a moment of distress when I realized that not only were both my new shoes Saucony, they were both Kinvara. Had I unknowingly bought the same pair of shoes?! I did some comparing and found that my new, new shoes were Kinvara 2 as well as “lite.” Something about those two differences makes me love them where I could not love the Kinvara 3.

I’m going to test them out with a track work out tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes…


Your thoughts?

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