Abstract Chicken Memory

A bit of a here and there post today. I’ve been working on a paper I’m submitting  for a Humanities conference, indexing a book for the professor I work for, and trying searching around for museum internships for post-graduation.

In other news, chicken was on sale the last time I got groceries so I know have a supply of real meat in my diet for a while. The guy at the counter packaged them into single serving portions which was great because I only have to defrost one package whenever I want to have chicken.  I didn’t use a specific recipe for the chicken, but will share the secrets of its glory with you.

I was really hungry when I made this chicken so this is the only documented photo of it (taken half way through).

I got some buttermilk since I’d heard it made a good marinade. Before I went to campus for the day, I popped the chicken into a Tupperware with the buttermilk as well as some Italian seasoning, pepper and kosher salt I found in the kitchen.

Later that night, I dipped the chicken into some flour mixed with Parmesan cheese and more Italian seasoning. I popped that into the oven at 350 degrees and let it cook for about 40 minutes. Halfway through, I decided I should flip it over, which was possibly not the correct choice because it made all the crispiness fall off. In the final moments, I threw some shredded cheddar cheese on top which was a very good choice.

In other news…

Here are two sites that I found useful in writing my abstract for the paper I’m submitting:

From Tufts University
From Carnegie Mellon University

In other other news, I’ve recently started listening to the podcast The Memory Palace. Here are links to two of my favorites so far:

Episode 16: Secret Kitty
Episode 26: citius altius fortius horrendius


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