No-Kettle Corn

It is gloriously autumn! The second best season of the year (a very close second to summer). For some reason, fall fills me with an insatiable want for kettle corn. Fresh, warm, sugary and salty all at once. The best kind of snack. Now, one could easily buy this stuff, but there is no adventure in that.

For this experiment, I used this straightforward how to on making kettle corn with an air popped corn. I love having an air popper because it is a great source of cheap snack food and you never have to worry about burnt kernels.

And so I bring you my foray into no-kettle kettle corn in two acts (only one casualty).

Act 1: Brown Sugar
For my first attempt I used brown (the recipe gave the option of either kind). I followed the directions, which were pretty simple: equal parts oil, butter, sugar heated together and then poured over popcorn. Incredible success. It was much more caramel corn than kettle corn, but that is by no means a complaint.

Act 2: White Sugar
Scene 1
Don’t tell my roommates I melted one of their spoons and poured scalding hot burnt-sugar oil down the sink. I believe these kinds of things are frowned upon.

Scene 2
I did equal parts 2 tablespoons each this time around because, while the brown sugar version was delicious, it was a bit too sweet. Another delicious success. Markedly different from using brown sugar, this version looked and tasted exactly how kettle corn should.

I will probably do this more often than is healthy.

I’ve recently become addicted to this song.


Your thoughts?

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