Peanut Butter Ramen

Recently on The Meta Picture, I saw this post on simple ways to better your food. This one popped out at me as an easy enough way to make a poor kid’s peanut noodles. As direct as this photo’s instructions were, I sought out a real recipe: this video.

The recipe called for fancy things like lemon juice and scallions, neither of which I had. Since I had the majority of the other ingredients, I decided to just go ahead and make the dish anyway.

Beyond missing ingredients, cooking began without a hitch. It’s difficult to mess up Ramen. While the noodles were boiling, I set about mixing the other ingredients together.

I ran into a small problem when the recipe advised me to add 2.0 creamy or chunky peanut butter. I didn’t know peanut butter came in versions. Ultimately, I went with tablespoons because teaspoons seemed too small and cups would have been ridiculous.

Noodles cooked: check.
Ingredients mixed: check.
Putting them together: kind of check.

It was really hard to stir together. My first problem was that the peanut butter mix was too thick to easily mix with the noodles. I bet that’s where those missing ingredients would have been useful. I didn’t have the foresight to save any of the broth when I drained the noodles (though the video did suggest to).

My second problem was that it was hard to stir the two together without destroying the noodles. I didn’t have a solution for this.

Finally, I added some red pepper flakes and some Tabasco to give the noodles a little flare. It didn’t look all that great.

Final opinion: It tasted like Ramen mixed with peanut butter. Pretty good for what it was. I wasn’t able to eat it all because the peanut butter made it very rich. It would have been better with those missing ingredients and as a meal for two.

I probably won’t make it again.


Your thoughts?

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