Henry the Cat

Who is that dapper little feline, you say? That is our new cat Henry. He joined our household in September. We adopted him from the NSPCA here. I had gone in to volunteer with the cats a few times and this guy was such a character, Max and I decided to adopt him.

His shelter shot.

The shelter named him Bobcat for his rabbit behind. Someone that adopted him and returned him named him Socks for his white paws. We thought about his name for his first day. I yelled different names in his direction but he didn’t provide any feedback, so we decided on Henry. Not for any particular reason. Though does have a bit of a kingly attitude and is quite affable.

Here he is doing what he does best: sleeping. After a solid month and a half of persistent yowling and pawing at our bedroom door each morning, Max finally gave in and allowed Henry into our room. His new favorite spot is at the foot of our bed.

Additional fun facts on the feline:

  • Parkour skills employed to chase the red dot.
  • Anything can be a bed except the kitty bed.
  • Boxes and bags are constant sources of intrigue.
  • These are also better beds than a kitty bed.
  • Walks are the best thing ever and if he could just reach the door knob, he would let himself out.

There you have it. Henry!